Kismet or coincidence?

We are all connected…everything is energy…

*After thinking of my dear older friend Carol who suffers from dementia, I sent her son Jon a text asking how she’s been doing and I got a text back with a pic saying “today was a good day,” and I swear she was looking at me right through the lens. She looked more coherent than I’ve seen her in ages. Later that day, I saw a random post on Instagram with “Follow your Bliss,” a quote by Joseph Campbell that was her personal mantra. (Years ago she even changed her middle name to Bliss.) And then that night, while playing a crossword game on my phone, one of the clues led to the word “Spinnaker,” the street she lived on when we met. I see you Carol. You’re still with me.

*One day while shopping I saw this very cool new kind of grape called a moon grape. I’d never seen or heard of it before. Then later that night one of the mystery basket ingredients on “Chopped” was moon grapes.

*I’m a sucker for reality TV. This past season of Celebrity Big Brother featured its usual cast of mostly has-been characters, including Joey Lawrence of “Whoa” and “Blossom” fame who I haven’t seen do anything for years. A few days after the first episode aired, an all-day marathon of “Different Strokes,” drew my attention for some reason. About two episodes in, a yooouunnng Joey Lawrence appeared onscreen. He must have been 6 or 7 years old max. But still recognizable. I clicked on info to see if they listed him in the credits and saw the name of that episode was “Big Brother.” Mind blown.

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